Our team

Nachman Widislavski

A man with vision and strategy, who has brought about a paradigm shift in the field of philanthropy within the Haredi sector in his 30 years as the head of the Gur institutions, His creativity and out of the box thinking has led Gur to unprecedented successes, with revenues north of 100 million shekels a year. In June 2018, Nachman established the NJW Group, Nachman Group Ltd.

Yossi Tzishinsky

Yossi’s background and extensive experience in project management and business development have been instrumental in bringing NJW to the next level. His vast knowledge in branding, marketing and event production, combined with an analytical eye and wide perspective, Yossi motivates the entire NJW team to aim for excellence and professionalism.

Samuel Kein

Accounts, Logistics and Production Manager
Thanks to his energetic, self-starter attitude, combined with endless creativity and attention to detail, Samuel has successfully led various business and social initiatives. His experience in creative event management, especially in the fundraising department has brought him worldwide accolades

Yocheved Nussbaum

Customer Relations Management.
For the past 20 years, Yocheved has mastered the field of administration and management, with experience in operations, information analysis, project management and customer relations. In recent years, she has successfully managed projects with diverse teams

Haim Gil-AD

Haim brings his unique experience in the field of high-tech and biotech. Has 35 years of experience in managing research and development, managing and examining complex projects in both government and private markets. Chaim contributes his experience to a variety of initiatives, mentoring and guiding them towards maturity and success in their fields.